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Thanks to our partnerships with several top UK suppliers such as Haysom Interiors, Darlings of Chelsea,,, Isme and more, we can offer Italian Sofa brands such as Pasadena, Tate, Mearon, Chique, Catania, Cassina, Haysom and many more.

These sofas are sold in a huge array of sizes and colours. We also offer Italian reclining models as well as designer, sofa bed and corner sofa models. You can shop with 100% safety secure in the knowledge that all financial transactions take place on our trusted partner websites.


You can give your house the best paint job money can buy, decorate it with the most stylish of wallpapers, have an expensive Persian carpet on the floor and even have a Picasso, Van Gogh or even have the original Mona Lisa hanging on your living room wall, but without a good sofa set, your efforts will be in vain. When it comes to signifying comfort and sophistication in your living area, no other piece of furniture comes even close to Italian sofa sets. In fact, it is universally accepted that these sofas are the height of comfort and no other type of sofa in the market can compare to them. Here are some of the most common advantages of ownnership.

-Quality of the leather.

Many people hold the misconception that leather sofas enjoy the reputation merely because they are made of leather. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The quality of leather used in making that particular sofa is what should get all the credit. Italian sofas are made of some of the highest quality of leather available anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the leather is usually handpicked with quality and excellence in mind. Teams of highly qualified professionals make sure that the quality of leather used for manufacture is of the highest quality available on the market. Quality is a non negotiable value of the leather and it cannot be compromised.

-Long lasting.

As stated above the quality of leather used to make these sofas is very high and this makes them long lasting. Although they are tough they are still comfortable. It can last up to several years without showing even the tiniest sign of wear and tear. More so, the color of the leather also lasts a very long time without fading. In fact, the prices in the used markets are almost the same as of brand new ones.

This is because even with years and years of use, it is hard to differentiate a used model from a brand new one purely on the basis of its color. Unlike many ordinary sofas, these also maintain their shape over a long period of time even with constant usage. This means that when you buy one, you get very good value for your money and do not have to invest in another sofa for a very long time to come.

-Ease of cleaning.

These sofas are easy to clean. You do not need the cumbersome cleaning procedures that come with cleaning ordinary sofa sets. With an Italian leather sofa, you will have to say bye-bye to vacuum cleaners. A simple wet piece of cloth can easily be passed over the sofa and clean all the dust and dirt without leaving any spots on the sofa. Unlike ordinary sofas, they do not absorb dust.


If you want to make a fashion statement to your family, friends, neighbors or any other guests that may come to your house, then an Italian leather sofa should be at the top of your list. It is the universal symbol of style in the living room. It is to home living what the Mercedes Benz is to the car industry, or what Chinaware is to cooking enthusiasts, an item that commands respect and awe by just being present. It is definitely bound to make a lasting impression to your visitors. It will make the guests talk about your home and praise your fashion taste for a very long period to come.

Nothing else compares when defining your fashion taste to your peers, friends or colleagues. Some home improvement gurus have even gone a step further in singing the praises of the Italian sofa. Some of these gurus have been recorded as saying that it gives you the license to misbehave without having to apologize. After all, they will walk out of your home and say how sophisticated a person you are rather than focusing on your mischief. However, the writer of this article strongly advises you against deliberately misbehaving in the company of your esteemed guests.

It is true that there are some downsides to owning a product like this but compared to the advantages, the disadvantages are negligible. Take, for instance, the fact that leather sofas make someone sweat more than ordinary sofas do. This can be particularly disadvantageous to people living in tropical countries or during the summer. But let's face it and accept the facts here – if you cannot afford an air conditioner in your own living room, then perhaps you probably don't deserve the sheer class and sophistication that come with Italian leather sofas.